My boy Mylo went to Little Green Froggies for a period of about a year, from when he was 2, till when he was 3. Aisha is incredibly caring, conscientious, and attentive, and every day Mylo came back home bounding with enthusiasm. Aisha often took Mylo on outings, to the park, to the beach, to Calderglen, Chatelherault – the best thing of all was the high proportion of outdoor activities. Mylo also really enjoyed the crafts & painting. Aisha is very flexible and helpful when it comes to logistics & pickups etc. – a lifesaver for a busy working mum! I would not hesitate recommending Aisha’s services.

-Miyuki Williams (Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers)

❤️ Ok a bit of a long one here… In todays age, the overstimulation of technology and ‘doing’ for all ages is phenomenal. I feel so blessed as my parents really encouraged and supported me getting outside communing with Nature and getting dirty and quiet and creative in my own space and to feel into myself. Nowadays I see adults really having a hard time with Intimacy (Into-Me-See) as they struggle with knowing and feeling oneself, hence it ripples into all areas of life. And it feels like it’s growing even more prevalent with children not even knowing how to engage with the world outside of technology. Yesterday on a grand adventure up a magical hill in Scotland, we met this wonderful Mum and child minder who encouraged her amazing 2 year old son to romp through the puddles and get muddy and wet and the stunning Angel girl she was watching was so brilliant and engaged and had the sweet wildness of magic in her eyes and being. It was sooooooo beautiful to be around this stunning woman and these beautiful children as they connected so deeply in nature and opened their hearts immediately to us. It was pure Heart Magic 😍 Thank you dear Aisha for the incredible space you hold for these precious minds and hearts. Thank you for nurturing their creativity and sovereignty and magic and wildness which ultimately creates Unity as a whole with oneself and our precious planet. You’re AMAZING! And thank you for being so open and loving and inviting with Valderon Hawk and I and really gifting us on our own magical adventure! 💖Huge Love, hugs, blessings and gratitude to you all 💞

-Ka Nova