I foster creativity and stimulate imagination by emphasising free play and heuristic play. Access to electronic toys is limited, as is time in front of the television. I would like to keep the use of phones/tablets/devices to an absolute minimum.  The over-stimulation that results from staring at screens severely hinders the development of a child’s creative thought processes. If a parent would like their child to use an electronic device specifically for completing homework or something educational, then we can decide on a suitable arrangement. On rainy days we get creative juices flowing by exploring other cultures and artistic and musical activities. We read stories, together or alone, and we encourage and foster a curiosity in the world by engaging in age-appropriate discussions on topics the children display an interest in. The children are encouraged to spend some quiet time every day reading on their own; this will allow the children to properly relax and understand that quiet time allows imaginative thinking to flourish. We do not have television, however the children will occasionally be able to watch age-appropriate films or educational DVDs.

I don’t use chemicals in my home and all cleaning products, toiletries, soaps, laundry detergents, baby-wipes are eco-friendly or organic (we shop at the ethical co-operative Suma as much as we can).

I try to minimise the use of plastics, aluminium and other undesirables in the kitchen.

As a summary, the standard for my own family is what your children will receive!





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