Organic Childminder

Little Green Froggies is Strathaven’s first Organic Childminding service! I care for babies and children from about 6 months up to 16 years and I’m registered to look after four children; two pre-school children and two school-age children.  I aim to meet the emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs of the children which will help them grow into confident, happy and fulfilled adults.  My service provides a relaxed but safe environment with plenty of opportunity daily for free play and structured activities.

If Mamma Nature is being kind to us we spend as much time outdoors as we possibly can, as I believe children flourish best when they can truly connect with Mother Earth. In really unreasonable weather we have plenty of indoor activities to do and I provide plenty of opportunity for social interaction by using the local baby and toddler groups, play centres and libraries.

The children can contribute to house rules which ensure the safety of all. As long as these are adhered to then the children will be given as much freedom as possible, within safe limits, to be able to explore their environment. Parents shouldn’t expect their kids to come home clean!

Meals and snacks provided are organic and certainly do not contain artificial sweeteners, additives or E numbers. I strive to source local, sustainable, organic and palm oil free food and  I’m very strict about children not being exposed to harmful chemicals in food, toiletries, cleaning products and plastics.

The environment is entirely smoke-free and we only have one wee pet, Elvis the fish! We live on a quiet street and we have spacious gardens at the front and back of the house (for the safety of any escapees, including my own, they are both gated!).

You can be confident that your children will feel safe and valued in my care and there will be many happy days to come at Little Green Froggies!