Wee tree huggers

bluebell woods

Children flourish best when they can experience a wholesome and adventurous time outdoors, communing with Nature and enjoying the freedom of the natural world. This is what Little Green Froggies aspires to. The outdoors gives children endless opportunities for stimulating the imagination and creativity. In addition, walking and playing outdoors amidst woodlands, moorlands, mountains and other landscapes, gives all children (and grown-ups!) lots of great exercise, creating healthy minds and healthy bodies in our journey through this wonderful life. (On a more subtle level) The great outdoors also develops a love and respect of the Earth and her countless ecosystems, which naturally generates healthier approaches towards personal ethics, environmentalism and a much richer understanding of organic living: all of which are great foundations for more positive childhood development.

Have a look at the many colourful photos of our yummy day-trips to the woodlands, the beach, Glencoe and conservation parks in our picture diaries.


Huge thanks to Maxine Allinson at Ceridwen Healing for the stunning photograph.


Crazy Art

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso.

On a rainy day one of my favourite things to do with the kids is painting. It’s impossible to be a childminder and be house-proud! As long as the books are safe! I just love getting out the artbox and letting the kids loose with the paints, glitter, glue and sequins. It’s great to watch them get into a state of ‘flow’, and see they’ve no inhibitions about the quality of their art. Love it. Here’s some of their amazing work…

Their body painting is good too ♥


Summer Days at the Seaside

We had some wonderful days down on the Ayrshire coast in August…


First we stopped off at the organic coffee shop for a milkshake and a quick play with their toys…


We got to the beach to find hundreds of sea urchin shells…


and discovered how fragile they are.


We went exploring…


looking for crabs…


and shells…


running wild…


This is the best place for playing tig!



Searching for more interesting things…


and frolicking in the water!






The journey home after a perfect day.